A few weeks ago I had the chance to explore India a little and it was certainly an experience.

Looking back I mostly recall being in a harmonious state, balanced and engrossed with my inner thoughts.

In the mornings I would awake to smothering humidity but all was well once I was stood at my balcony, embracing the beautiful gardens I was blessed with and mentally preparing for the new day ahead of me.

Driving around the city, the striking architecture, the mosque filled streets captured my visions entirely.

Flowing through the city, these somewhat adornments, much like the sarees, left me in a state of wonder.

How beautiful it was to be positively captivated.

Surely, given some time however, these fascinations eventually subsided into the background.

Instead, wandering cattle amongst homeless children took centre stage in my mind as some of the harsh realities were illuminated.


Spending most of my evenings laying on the grass, writing my emotions away and cleansing my thoughts, I was caught up in a gaze.

And in this spirit, I roamed the streets, feeling rather bare in the foreign land that was Delhi.

 I pondered and gaped through most of my journeys and for sure on the outside, I wasn’t as invisible as I felt.

Lengthy stares from men and women shadowed my path from time to time but I was all too tranquil to acknowledge any of it.


I also fell in love with Israeli artist Idan Raichel whilst in India. This song – Boee (come with me) taken from the Raichel Project album will especially remind me of my experience out there.


Spa Ambitions

I’ve got an evolving fascination or shall I say obsession with natural remedies and holistic living concepts. From experimenting with all sorts of natural treatments to embracing the power meditation it’s no wonder I have dreams about escaping life’s ‘turbulence’ and whisking off to the mountains in Tibet somewhere (even though I probably wouldn’t last an hour).

Of course, visiting Thailand I had done some research on some of the countries best Spas so while I was on the Island of Koh Samui I chose to visit the Ban Sabai Spa, mostly because it was set outdoors in the lush surroundings. Needless to say, I spent the day in complete sereneness envisaging the day that I’d finally have my own Spa somewhere by the Nile back home.

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I’ve taken a break from India for a little while to explore Thailand with a close friend. I’m currently in Koh Samui for the next few days and i have to say this island is absolute paradise. Lush surroundings and fresh coconut juice is definitely the way to my heart!


Namaste. I’ve been in India for a few days now and I’m just about getting the hang of greeting everybody with a traditional head bow! I’ve been pretty busy with other responsibilities but i’ll soon be working on my to do list and this definitely includes purchasing an authentic saree and doing a few Bikram yoga classes, a practice i’m already very fond of…

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